Outdoor Room Project

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Man Cave Priorities

The first priority was, where to put the outdoor TV? My client thought it best to put between the two windows. Does your room face West, I asked? Yes, and the sun shines right in. Well then maybe that’s not a good place to put the TV. Let’s tuck it in a corner and protected from glare and elements.

All it Takes is a Vision…

But the best part of this room is the stairs that give you access to the outside.

The Travertine tile floor in a mosaic pattern finishes the look.

While we’re at it let’s heat the room with an outdoor fireplace and electric heater on the opposite side of the room.

A Place to Kick Back

So much to say about this man cave. This client wanted to have a place we he can go out and have a cigar while watching football.

Beautiful outdoor furniture is placed perfectly for TV watching and enjoying a meal. The glow of the cove lighting enhances the mood for cigars smokers. The outdoor fan was installed to keep the air moving.


What a Transformation!


This outdoor space went from an area of no particular meaning or style to an amazing outdoor room to be enjoyed for years to come! My client can now “escape” to his man cave to smoke a cigar in the fresh air of the outdoors. It’s now a perfect place to kick back, entertain friends, and watch football with friends!

This room was sooo much fun! Go Giants…..

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