How high should lighting be hung over a kitchen island?


We’re putting new lighting above the kitchen island. Our electrician doesn’t exactly have an eye for design. How high above the kitchen island should it be?



How high should lighting be hung over a kitchen island? That question is not as simple as it seems.


The height of the kitchen lighting is such an important decision. The lighting over a kitchen island is often a primary or secondary focal point because of its prominence in the room. The thing about lighting is that it’s a fusion of function and beauty. With that in mind, there are “rules” regarding placement, and there are tweaks that can be made depending on all the other elements in the room and the purpose of the lighting.

Many factors influence the best height to hang a lighting fixture, including the height and shape of ceilings in the room. In general, we recommend that a light fixture hangs between 30-36 inches above the kitchen island or cooking surface. That’s about 72 inches off of the floor if the ceiling is 8 feet high.

These specs are not always the case. The visual weight of the lighting, the height of who will be preparing food at the kitchen island, whether or not people will be sitting and eating at the island all factor into how high you should hang the lighting.

There is no hard and fast rule, making it a little more challenging for most people. We suggest that you have someone hold it in place to gauge how it will look and function before the final installation.

Other things to consider if you haven’t already are the size of the room, the size of the kitchen island, and how much light is needed. All of those factors help in determining the size, quantity, and positioning of the lighting.

My husband prefers neutral tones but I love COLOR

Question: My husband prefers neutral tones but I love COLOR. How would you choose a color palette that would make both of us happy?


Answer: First, I’d take inventory of the things you have in your home that you will be keeping.

Then I’d consider your current light source, the colors, shades, and tones of the furniture, drapery, etc. This can be very exciting because I can determine your true color preferences and how colors actually look in your home. I have always found that choosing colors is best done during daylight hours.

I’ll want to find something within your existing decor to use as a starting point.

It may even be something that you wouldn’t necessarily notice. Perhaps a pattern in draperies or a color palette in a piece of artwork. I’ll start with neutrals that work with the furnishings you are keeping, then add tones (vs. shades, tints, or pure hues) of colors that you like. Then, I’ll go over a color preference survey with both of you. Once that’s done, I’ll create a stunning color palette that is uniquely yours and your husband’s.

Taking those things into consideration along with the natural light, exposure of the rooms, and lighting…

We can include pops of color to satisfy your desire for the mood that “color” creates. We’ll do this by adding splashes of color in objects that are not “fixed” or permanent or have a more subordinate role in the room. The plan is to choose colors that achieve harmony by blending with the neutrals vs. contrasting or competing with them. The color scheme in the bedroom in the image above is only one example of how this is done. The pillows and floral arrangement offer distinct colors of blush Pink, Woodrose, Peach, and a bit of Green to an otherwise neutral scheme of Ivory and Beige. “Color” yet neutral :). Colors with subtle contrast to Ivory, Beige, Gray, etc, give a neutral vibe but still have the individuality and subtle drama of “color.”

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